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How To Write A 3 Page Paper Fast

Here’s a brief look at how you can do this in a day: 1. Brainstorm Quickly Use the prompt Outline possible options Perform a simple Google search and find what has the most information Choose your topic Create an outline 2. Research Find research to support each point in your outline 3. Write Quickly Put it all on paper as you think of it 4. Polish

  • Write a summary of what you’ve discovered so far that will be used in some of your paper; Create 3-5 subtopics and outline points you want to explore; Look for more sources on your subtopics; Start writing summaries on each subtopic; Write some analysis of your findings

  • If you’re having trouble with your paper or feeling stuck, go for a quick five-minute run. Run briskly and breathe deeply. On your return, drink some water and eat a light snack. Get back to work. You can write this paper, and you will. 7. Finishing Up Okay, so.

  • 3. Create a Flat Outline “It’s impossible to figure out every detail of your argument before you sit down, look at your sources, and actually try to write. Most students abandon their hierarchical outline soon after their fingers hit the keyboard.” – Cal Newport, “How to Use a Flat Outline to Write Outstanding Papers, Fast”

How To Write A 3 Page Paper Fast - Essay Help 24x7

How To Write A 3 Page Paper Fast - Essay Help 24x7

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